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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Cado Verde and Tator Tot Hotdish recipes

Kitchen Chick writes more on her CSA experience, highlighting her quandry about what to make with a small amount of Kale. Included is a recipe for Cado Verde. She explains, "This is a Portuguese recipe by way of Goa. Kale, potatoes, onion, and garlic simmered and pureed into a lovely creamy green soup and garnished with a swirl of olive oil and black pepper." Mmmmmm, sounds delic'!

Read Cado Verde

Meanwhile, ypsi~dixit tries to help an Australian reader learn about such American delicacies as tater tots and french-cut green beans. She even toys with the idea of " mov[ing] to that lush tropical paradise, which has a year-round growing season, incidentally, and open[ing] up a tater tot factory.

I could be the Australian Tater Tot Mogul!"

If you are so inclined, in the comments there are recipes for homemade tater tots as well as hash browns.

Read Australian Hotdish SOS!

Read the original Hotdish post (it's in the comments) and click here for the tator tot hotdish recipe from Kottke.org.e

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Freedom Festival Fireworks by dETROITfUNK

Detroit launched fireworks last night as part of the 49th annual International Freedom Festival.

Read Fireworks and see the great photos

According to The Parade Company, The festival "Celebrate[s] the longstanding friendship between the citizens of Windsor and Detroit". They go on to say, "In 1930 Paul Lutzeier, a student editor at the College of the City of Detroit - later to become Wayne State University - conceived the idea of a joint Independence Day celebration between the citizens of Detroit and Windsor."

Here's The Parade Company Freedom Festival page

To search for fireworks in Michigan, by town or by date, check out MichiganFireworks.com.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Lost and Found by Ann Arbor Is Overrated.

AAIO writes: "Found mania has finally hit the Freep; Susan Ager shares the contents of a salvaged grocery list from Target that she's been studying for several months."

Susan writes: "I keep the list because for all its mysteries and misspellings it captures an intimate moment. It's written without any expectation that anyone else will see it. It's unpracticed, authentic and honest.

Reading it gives me the same sensation I get when, driving through a neighborhood at night, I glance through a window to see a woman rinsing dishes at the sink, or a man hunched in the glow of his computer."

AAIO first wrote about "Ann Arbor's very own Found Magazine" last April. Commenting on an upcoming appearance on Letterman, he wrote:

"With this kind of exposure, it finally seems fair to ask: Is it just us, or is Found a bit, well, overrated? Sure, it's a neat idea with a great design. But the very premise - send in stuff that you find - leaves itself open to ersatz discoveries."

Boris leaves an interesting comment. In part, it reads:

"There is something poignant, though, about all the old photos that people seem to find in the trash. When we have our pictures taken, I don't think any of us ever imagine that those photos may very well end up in a dumpster some day."

And js chimes in:

"...unfortunately, I have too much stuff that I'd really like to read before I get to things that might be anecdotally amusing to the McSweeney's set."

Exactly. What I think is missing here is a question about with what we as a society are choosing to fill our time and heads.

Dan comments: "Found is sort of like the reality show of the magazine world. No professionals involved on the talent side, so it's pure profit. People tune in/pick it up solely for their own voyeristic pleasure. And just as it speaks volumes that Americans like watching girls eat bugs, it speaks volumes that Ann Arborites like reading other people's litter."

Read Found-Object Craze Not Over Yet

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Lost soul found at Paulding? by Find The River

Find The River writes: "At dusk, cars rumble to a stop at the end of a dirt road in Northern Michigan. The occupants step out and look to the skies. This scene could initiate an evening of Hex fishing, a star gazing excursion, or perhaps just a backwoods beer bash. But it's also a routine played out nightly at the site of the Upper Peninsula's #1 paranormal tourist attraction, the Paulding Light.

The Paulding Light appears nightly along a power line right-of-way off Robins Pond road, just south of the town of Paulding in Ontonogan county. It is a bright light resting low in the sky, coming and going throughout the night. Sometimes it appears as a very strong white disc of light, at others as a smaller, dimmer red point. Some witnesses claim it also takes on blue and green shades. Local chambers of commerce provide directions to the viewing spot, and the Forest Service lets tourists know when they've arrived."

The Ontonagon Chamber of Commerce explains: "Some think it is simply the headlights from a passing car. That explanation would be fine except “the light” was seen before automobiles were around.

Seismologists say a few earthquakes left some small cracks in the ground that let out radioactive gases. That is an interesting explanation, but unprovable.

Other scientists say it is only swamp gases. But what about when the swamps are frozen and covered with a Yooper dose of snow? The light can be seen in the winter months. The concept of aliens may seem farfetched, but so are all the other possibilities to explain the Paulding Light."

So, what is the light? You decide!

Read I Saw the Light, Pt. 1 and check back for "the rest of the story".

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Gibson Guitar Factory photos by Michigan in Pictures

Michigan in Pictures has a great photo of and story about the Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Manufacturing Company in Kalamazoo, Michigan in the early part of the 20th Century including links to the Kalamazoo Public Library Collection on Community Information. They write:

"Gibson preferred using old furniture wood to make his instruments, believing it to be more durable and of higher quality. This emphasis on quality and craftsmanship limited Gibson's output to only six or seven instruments a year. This changed in 1902, when Gibson was approached by five men who offered to provide money to establish a manufacturing facility for his instruments."

View the photo and read Gibson Guitar in Kalamazoo, Michigan for more about this company's history.

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'Green slime' blamed for bird-car collision by Find The River

Now here's something you don't hear about every day! Read about The Plastered Pelican that apparently tried to do battle with a car. Green slime strikes again.

The GLRC did a report last week on toxic algae in our region entitled RETURN OF THE TOXIC ALGAE. GLRC Environment report writes:

"A new report says the Great Lakes are being threatened by toxic algae growth. The blue-green algae is reappearing despite efforts in the 1970's to combat the problem."

It's everywhere, it's everywhere!

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Monday, June 26, 2006

Pistons rumors & speculation by Need4Sheed

Natalie writes about the "Rumors, speculations, salary cap, the draft and trade rumors" that Pistons fans have been hearing. She says, "I can't believe some of the things the fans have been saying lately. There are the rumors of a Garnett trade, the calls to fire Flip, to trade Sheed, the sign and trade deal for Ben Wallace everyone thinks will happen and the desperate fans who actually think Larry Brown is going to be a part of the team whether it be head coach or an assistant coach. The future is uncertain as far as the team is concerned."

Read Let Them Be and view the Beatles-like photo!

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Auto Innovations

In his blog, PC Mike's E-Journal, Mike Wendland hightlights an invention by an Ann Arbor company that moves power mirrors to show the blind spot when the turn signal is activated. Is this a crock or useful? - the comments posted to date say the former. What do you think?

Read Auto tech: Mirrors that show blind spots

ypsi~dixit writes about an another automotive invention that "allows drivers to send emoticons or brief text messages--some obscene--to the driver behind them.

This is a terrible idea for at least four reasons.


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