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Friday, December 30, 2005

Michigan Outdoors: Ted Nugent's Christmas Eve Thoughts

The Traverse City Record-Eagle reported that the New York Times' Christmas Eve outdoor section would have a definite Michigan flavor with a holiday column by Motor City Madman Ted Nugent and well-known Traverse City illustrator Glenn Wolff. Regrettably, we read this as "New Year's Eve" and were saving it for today, only to find that today was a week too late.

At first blush, this may appear to be a glorification of the hunt and the kill, but upon further review, you may find it a celebration of life in Michigan and this world. A brief excerpt:

The American dream is truly amazing any way you choose it, but this hands-on outdoor conservation lifestyle of hunting, fishing and trapping keeps one honest to the cause and effect with the good Mother Earth and all her creatures and resources.

The gorgeous spruce we so joyously decorated together was once again harvested from the thousands of various trees we plant each spring. The natural season of planting is as important to us as the natural season of harvest, and it means so much more to us knowing we personally plant thousands of trees for every one we use. Just as the thriving deer populations prove, reasoning predators will always put back more than we take. The Christmas season is surely a time of giving, but the Nugents don't limit such conscientiousness to a single time of year. We just go a little wilder at Christmas.

The mouth-watering, aromatically stimulating spread on our Christmas dinner table is not only scrumptious, but perhaps the healthiest food available to mankind. Given the tender loving care with which we handle this hard-earned sacred flesh - accompanied by ample amounts of garlic, butter, Michigan morel mushrooms and sweet onions, roasted over our own apple and hickory coals - this much-appreciated meal fortifies not only the belly but the spirit as well.

So, it's late. Hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

Read For Tribe Nuge, Christmas Bounty From Mother Earth in the New York Times
Read Michigan talent teams up with the Times in the Record-Eagle

Glenn Wolff Studio (has full spread from the Times)

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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Lions Wilkinson, Harris named to 'All-Joe Team' by Northern Michigan Detroit Sports Blog

Leelanau Sports Guy writes: Punter Nick Harris and defensive tackle Dan "Big Daddy" Wilkinson were both honored for this performances this season by being named to USA Today's All-Joe Team. The All-Joe Team "honors the overachievers, the overlooked, the 'effort' guys who don't get invited to the Pro Bowl but without whom their teams might founder."

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The backstory of a photograph...by The Adventures of a Brit Abroad

A Brit Abroad writes: It was late afternoon on Christmas Eve, I was driving through heavily wooded hills up in Empire Township in northern Michigan, the light was dying fast and fog was rolling in off the hidden creeks. It was absolutely beautiful, and just the kind of mood that I'm into photographing at the moment.

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A new parking paradise by detroitarts

detroitarts writes: A new art installation/environmental team, Rebar has farmed a new kind of PARK(ing) space. Check out their site....

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Eastern Market Graffiti by Hamtramck Star

You say graffiti, I say art. In any case, cool photos!

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TiVo Deluxe!!! by Gary Said

Gary writes: So TiVo rolled out (started rolling out) their new features in the music, photos and more section. These new features I think will pave the way for what you have to look forward to from your home entertainment center. They now have (without you having to install anything on your home computer) movie listings, traffic, weather, photos (Yahoo!), streaming Internet audio (Live 365), games (yes, I said games) and you can listen to podcasts. This is very cool stuff!

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Year in review by dETROITfUNK

dETROITfUNK writes: The last round of snow left ol' Slumpy even more disfigured. Still not quite ready to collapse - but its getting closer.

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merry merriment by detroitarts

detroitarts writes: happy holidays!!

Do sock monkeys ever go out of style?

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A Good Cause by Elephant in my Coffee

Elephant in my Coffee writes: I saw this in our local paper and wanted to spread the information a bit further by posting it here: HELP NEEDED TO HONOR VETERANS Basically what this article boils down to is that the national cemetary that serves a large portion of Michigan is not meeting operating costs, particularly with the demands resulting from the war in Iraq. Please consider donating to this most worthy cause.

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Talk Of 70 Wins Would Drive A Former Pistons Coach Crazy by out of bounds

out of bounds writes: Can you imagine if the Prince of Pessimism himself, Chuck Daly, coached today's Detroit Pistons? I think this team -- and the media covering it -- would change Daddy Rich's attire from Armani suit to straitjacket.

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Grand Theft Auto: A2 by Ann Arbor is Overrated

Ann Arbor is Overrated writes: "Ann Arbor Police believes they will catch the people who are stealing cars in the city and leaving them in the Fourth and Washington parking structure downtown," says the News. "[A]ll the cars had been stolen in various areas in the city after their owners either left the keys in them and unlocked or had left the cars running and unattended."

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Holiday Cold by Find The River

Find The River writes: On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...a cold.
,,,Maybe it's time to turn to the cold cure reccomended by the narrator of Jim Harrison's novel Wolf

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Inside Muskegon: Edison Landing SmartZone

The latest episode of Inside Muskegon is online. It features an interview with Chris Kelly of the Edison Landing SmartZone.

Also has a brief plug for Absolute Michigan ... thanks Jason!

Edison Landing web site

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Monday, December 26, 2005

Slingbox is one of my devices of the year by PC Mike's E-Journal

PC Mike writes: I don't know how many got one of these as a Christmas gift today but it you haven't yet heard of Slingbox, you will.

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GLRC writes: If you bought a new computer over the holidays, there are plenty of places to drop off your household's old computer. But to prevent more of the old monitors, laptops and other items from winding up in landfills, some Midwest states are looking to make sure computer makers get involved in recycling their products.

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[Untitled] by Adventures of a Brit Abroad

A Brit Abroad writes: Off up to the wintery north for a few days. Have a good one, o people of Livejournal and beyond...

Another cool photo!

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'Twas the night before Xmas by Detroit BikeBlog

Detroit BikeBlog writes: S and familly invited me along to Greenfield Village (part of the Henry Ford museum). This living museum has evening openings leading up to the holiday season. I can highly recommend these!

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