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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Jimmy Hoffa cupcakes by The Oakland Press

The Oakland Press Reports: MILFORD - Leslie Watson wore a T-shirt that says, "The FBI digs Milford, do you?"

Meanwhile, Laura Helwig, owner of the Milford Bakery Co., couldn't bake enough Jimmy Hoffa cupcakes. A green, plastic hand reaches from the middle of the chocolate confection, which is smothered in brown frosting and sprinkles to imitate dirt.

Read Milford cashes in on search

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Expanding like a fat lady at a church picnic by neadfiles

neadfiles writes: How many bloggers does it take to clog up the internet? It's a bit like the big bang theory - the blogdom is expanding like a fat lady at a church picnic.

Chew on this data as reported by WWW.blogpulse.com
  • Total identified blogs: 28,354,092
  • New blogs in last 24 hours: 35,149
  • Blog posts indexed in last 24 hours: 650,598
Read How Many Bloggers Does It Take...

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Greatest threat to human health? by Jack Lessenberry's Essays and Interviews

Jack writes: If you have been following the media for the last year or so, you might easily have concluded that the greatest threat to human health on this planet is bird flu. So let's look at the scorecard.

In the last nine years, avian influenza has killed 114 human beings. AIDS kills three million a year. Since the epidemic started, more than half a million Americans have died. They are still dying, according to our government, at the rate of 15,000 a year.

Read or listen to Essay: How Quickly We Forget - 5/23/06

Also read or listen to companion Interview: Mary Fisher - 5/23/06

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Repairing Ozone Layer by GLRC Environment Report

GLRC wrties: A new study shows that a ban on ozone-depleting chemicals has led to a slow recovery of the Earth's protective ozone layer. Researchers say within the next 100 years, the ozone layer could be as strong as it was 25 years ago. But there's still a lot of uncertainty about the recovery process. The GLRC's Erin Toner reports:


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MI Week Youth Photo Winner by Michigan in Pictures

michpics writes [about this photo]: Elowsky Grist Mill, photo by Dan Sharp
Dan Sharp of Alpena, age 12 took this photo in Posen for the Michigan Week Youth Photo Contest.

Read Elowsky Grist Mill and check out Dan Sharp's winning photo

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Kirtland Warbler's comeback by Dave's Blog

Dave writes: About 1,400 pairs of the tiny yellow-breasted, blue-gray-backed songbirds exist in the world, and the Kirtland's remains an endangered species. As recently as 1987, only 167 singing males were counted. They nest almost exclusively in the jack pine forests of northern Michigan and spend winters in the Bahamas.

Read Kirtland's warblers are news in Ohio, too

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Albert, Today's Photograph by The Snowsuit Effort

Ryan writes (quoting Albert): "I've been up all night."

"I drink Mohawk."

Read more from Albert and see his portrait

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Where is the offense, Pistons? by Need4Sheed

Natalie writes: Tonight the Pistons shot 37% from the floor and their shot selection was horrible. It's not coming from one player either, it seems everyone has been bitten by the bug.

Read Uphill Battle - Pistons 86 Heat 91

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MCC Pres., Dr. David Rule Interview [podcast] by Inside Muskegon

Jason writes [about this podcast]: This episode of Inside Muskegon features an interview with Dr. David Rule the President of Muskegon Community College, a commentary on the interview, information on contacting Inside Muskegon and a new way to listen to the podcast.

Listen to Inside Muskegon #26, Dr. David Rule, Muskegon Community College

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Wind farms interfere with radar? by GLRC Environment Report

GLRC writes: Many wind farm projects are on hold right now. The federal government is concerned about possible interference with military radar installations. The GLRC's Chuck Quirmbach reports:


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Talking shoes by PC Mike's E-Journal

Mike Wendland writes: Now your running shoes can talk to your iPod.
Apple and Nike announced today a soon-to-be available Nike+iPod $29 kit that will register with the iPod just how much distance the runner has covered. as well as time, pace and calories burned.

Read iPod-talking running shoes

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Native American agricultural project by ypsi~dixit

Y. writes: YPSIDIXIT WORKED on her four-sisters agricultural project tonight. I am, thankfully, destroying my backyard lawn to put in corn, beans, and squash planted in the Ojibway/Potowatomi method, in foot-high hills seperated by one step.

Read Four Sisters Project

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A Walter Mitty Moment by ypsi~dixit

Y. writes: THE BUS STARTED BEEPING on the way home. I looked up to see riders on the packed #4 looking curiously up at the driver and exchanging fleeting "no clue" looks with each other before the beeping bus sighed to a rolling stop in front of County Farm Park on Washtenaw. Ypsidixit loves surprises and anything that breaks a routine.

Read Bus Breakdown Adventure

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La Clemenza di Tito by What's Opera Doc?

WOD writes: On Tuesdays program:
Mozart: La Clemenza di Tito / Hogwood, Bartoli, Heilmann

Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 - 1791)
Performers: Bartoli, Cecilia (Mezzo Soprano), Heilmann, Uwe (Tenor), Jones, Della (Mezzo Soprano), Bonney, Barbara (Soprano), Montague, Diana (Mezzo Soprano), Cachemaille, Gilles (Baritone)
Orchestras/Ensembles: Academy of Ancient Music, Academy of Ancient Music Chorus

Read Mozart: La Clemenza di Tito on What's Opera, Doc? WHFR-FM and listen to WHFR-FM today!

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Exxon Valdez 17 years later by GLRC Environment Report

GLRC writes: It's been more than 17 years since the Exxon Valdez split open on a reef off the coast of Alaska. More than 16,000 tons of crude oil washed up onto the rocky shores. Now scientists have found that the oil is still impacting the region's ecology. The GLRC's Mark Brush reports:


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Detroit Zoo Director Interview by Jack Lessenberry's Essays and Interviews

Jack Lessenberry writes: Late last week the state Senate approved a 4 (m) million dollar emergency appropriation for the Detroit Zoo. The state House is expected to approve the subsidy this week, and send it to Governor Granholm. This winter, the future of the zoo future seemed in jeopardy. Detroit could no longer afford the zoo's upkeep. And it briefly appeared that Detroit's City Council would rather close the zoo than transfer it to the private zoological society. Michigan Radio's Jack Lessenberry spoke with Ron Kagan the director of the Detroit Zoo to find out how the zoo is faring.

Listen to Interview: Ron Kagan - 5/22/06

Read or listen to Essay: Human Zoology - 5/22/06

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Invasive Species Advisory Council Meeting by Red Tape Blog

Red Tape writes: Gypsy moths. Sea lampreys. Chestnut blight. Zebra mussels. Purple loosestrife.

The invasion of exotic plants, insects and diseases that threaten our world and our pocketbooks just keeps coming.

The onslaught seems unending; the battle at times overwhelming. But in Lansing last week, there was a small victory: the first meeting of Michigan's new Invasive Species Advisory Council, made up of representatives of the state's Department of Natural Resources, Department of Environmental Quality and Department of Agriculture.

Read Invasive Species Council Holds First Meeting

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Panorama Pinhole Photo by The Adventures of a Brit Abroad

Matt writes: Test image from a new panorama pinhole camera made from a tin that once contained cashews (a Christmas present I believe, and they were very tasty).

Read Monday pinholery... and see what Matt can do with a former cashew container!

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Tigers shut out Royals by Leelanau Sports Guy's World

Leelanau Sports Guy writes: Justin Verlander is a star in the making. The rookie improved to 6-3 on the season as he helped the Tigers to a 8-0 win over the Royals. The Tigers now own a 30-14 record.

After the game everyone was talking about Verlander's speed, he registered 99 mph on the gun in the first and last innings! Both managers were impressed.

Read Verlander registers first complete game, shuts out Royals

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Greener Lawn by GLRC Environment Report

GLRC writes: Polls indicate the majority of people want to do better toward the environment. One of the most polluting activities at many homes is lawn care. Lawn mowers spew out emissions that pollute at a higher rate than cars. Lawn sprinklers can use massive amounts of water. And over-use of fertilizer can pollute nearby streams. The GLRC's Lester Graham looks at simple things you can do to reduce pollution and still have a green lawn.


UPDATE: Also read or listen to companion story POLITICS DELAYING LAWN MOWER RULES?

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Where are all the great quotes nowadays? by Out of Bounds

Greg Eno writes: In high school, I took a little English, a little science, some hubcaps, and some wheel covers.

And now I am guilty of plagiarizing, for I have just lifted, word-for-word, a quote by that old Tigers pinch-hitter extraordinaire, Gates Brown.

There are so many things that sports people have said that I wished I had uttered.

"I was in New York once," former Oakland A's owner Charlie O. Finley said, "and an empty cab pulled up, and Bowie Kuhn got out."


Read I Wish I Had Said That

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Good Environmental News by Dave's Blog

Dave Dempsey writes: DEARBORN, Mich. (AP) - In the shadow of the powerhouse that Henry Ford built alongside the Rouge River to light his estate, a pair of blue herons linger near the water's edge before taking flight.

... And:

Lake Whitefish Returning to the Detroit River to Spawn; Federal Scientists Document First Reproducing Population of Whitefish in the River Since 1916

Read Department of Environmental Good News

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Taco Boy Mexican Restaurant by Kitchen Chick

Kitchen Chick writes: In the past few months there has been an explosion in Mexican and Central American restaurants in the Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti area, and we'll eventually cover them all. (The good ones, anyway.) One of our newest favorites is the oddly-named Taco Boy, which is tucked away in a little strip mall near Golfside and Cross in Ypsilanti.

Read Taco Boy!

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Lilacs by ypsi~dixit

Y. writes: YPSIDIXIT and her faithful friend stopped off at a friend's house for a special gift: a lilac seedling grown by my friend's erstwhile partner. I was moved to receive something so lovely. We admired his farm, then nestled the lilac in the back and headed south on the time-honored Rural Route to my folks' house to celebrate my mom's birthday.

Read Lilacs

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'The Party Line for Planet Earth' by PC Mike's E-Journal

Mike Wendland writes: Here's a Web site you'll thank me for. Radio Handi. It's a free service that allows up to 20 people to talk together free, using landline or Internet telephones.

Read The "Party Line of the Planet"
Click to link to Radio Handi

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