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Thursday, October 12, 2006


untitled, part autumn snow
Originally uploaded by jamelah.
The icy front invaded our area last night, with snow falling right along with the temperatures in many areas of the state. Fall is my favorite time of year, but early winter weather finds its way into late Fall many years. Still, there are reasons to be grateful for these frigid temperatures. Like this one in ypsi~dixit's post:
IT'S A PEA-SOUP NIGHT with snow on the way, so Y. is making some split pea soup. I have some nice sausage to put in there and a bay leaf or two. I got to read some of my Taoism book en route to work and on the way home. It was a good reminder of the satisfaction to be taken from simple things like a pot of pea soup, as opposed to striving after useless and illusory things.
These colder temperatures also serve to prepare grapes for ice wine. If you've never tasted ice wine, you should. Kitchen Chick describes it as "sweet seduction in a bottle." I couldn't agree more. She educates her readers in this Wine Blogging Wednesday post:
Icewine (or Eiswein in Germany) is a late-harvest wine made from picking frozen grapes and pressing them before they thaw. To prevent premature thawing, the vineyards must pick the grapes at night or at latest in the earliest dawn hours (before the sun can have a chance at warming them), and all the grapes must be pressed within a few hours of being picked.

With so much water locked up in the ice, the resulting juice makes for a concentrated rich wine that is very high in sugar but also balanced with high acidity. It's most commonly made from Vidal and Riesling grapes and a few other white grapes, but you can also find red icewines made from Cabernet Franc grapes.
Read IT'S A PEA-SOUP NIGHT as well as today's post THE SNOW CAME DOWN THICK AND FAST by ypsi~dixit
Also read WBW #27: Icy Desserts by Kitchen Chick SEE COMMENTS

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tigers in Five

Well, the Tigers wasted little time in jumping out to a 1-0 ALCS lead.
writes farlane on Absolute Michigan's Dig Michigan. Let's hope for a replay of the ALDS.

Greg Eno of Where have you gone, Johnny Grubb? (and Out of Bounds) writes:
Overall: The A's dispatched the hot Twins in three straight, which is both an example of how the regular season doesn't matter so much, and how good the A's are. They are starting at home, which can be both a curse and a blessing. They'll have had three days off, but they didn't have to travel. The Tigers, at least against the Yankees, returned to their earlier formula for success: timely hitting, and pitching. Oh, how they hit with two outs and RISP! I picked against them in the ALDS, and it worked. But I have to say, I think they'll make it to the World Series.Tigers in five.
We hope you're prediction comes true.

Read Detroit Tigers vs. Oakland A's in the American League Championship Series on AbsoluteMichigan.com and check back for updates
Also read Burning Questions: ALCS Game 1 by Where have you gone, Johnny Grubb?
View the LAST STRIKE AT Tiger Stadium photo gallery by Detroit Yes!

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Fall foliage in pictures, again

From the UP to the Indiana and Ohio borders, mother nature is wowing Michiganders with her display of Fall color. So, once again, here is some Autumnal splendor for you to enjoy from around the state.

Lake of the Clouds in the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park can be viewed from a nearby peak. Michigan in Pictures features a photo from this vantage point and writes:
lake of the clouds, again, photo by Apparat-chik.

Sometimes I have to search and search and other times it's just there. This photo is part of a set that wins "Best Title for October 2006" called If this isn't "Deliverance," then it must be Michigan UP.
Later in the post, michpics explains that
(t)he park was formed in 1945 to protect the last large stand of old-growth forest remaining in Michigan. The park has an excellent network of backcountry trails for hiking, backpacking and cross-country skiing, rustic trailside cabins, campgrounds, swimming and boating areas.
In addition to the photos, there are lots of links to information, including one to the 4,600 mile long North Country Trail that traverses the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park.

Jolli Lodge Photo Blog features some fall color in Northwest Lower Michigan. Greg, whose parents and grandparents were founders of this cottage resort, writes:
Yes, this was a 4 stall stable when my folks first started. Maybe some of you old time Jolli-Lodgers would remember Sadie, the donkey? My grandmother, Grace, brought her from their farm on Hilltop Rd. in Plymouth. My father has a special place in his heart due to the numerous trips down the road to chase after the escapee! The donkey that is!
He also features one of the remaining Martin houses wrapped in Fall color.

The Adventures of a Brit Abroad shows us one of his "Krappy Kamera Club" photos that is, in spite of the equipment used, gorgeous! Matt lives in Ypsilanti and writes about this photo:
The current assignment for our local Krappy Kamera Club is "what does fall mean to you?" Initially I wanted to steer clear of all the usual cliches - leaves changing colour, pumpkins, halloween, cider and donuts - but when you're out and about shooting in Michigan at this time of year it's hard to avoid.
NOISE Photoblog reminds us to
Enjoy it while you can. The weather will turn colder later in the week and may even snow.
Isn't Jeremy cheery!

Take a look at lake of the clouds, porcupine mountains by Michigan in Pictures
Also take a look at Martin House Color... and The Stable... by Jolli Lodge
Next, take a look at Matt Blackcustard's cliche fall photo at The Adventures of a Brit Abroad
And don't miss Finally fall foliage by NOISE Photoblog

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Energy challenges and alternatives

With autumn in the air, winter close behind, and global warming concerns on many Michigander's minds, there is much to consider in terms of Michigan's energy resources. Let's take a look at the outlook for energy consumption and costs this winter as well as the alternative and renewable energy sources.

The Environment Report has a feature this week entitled The Direction of U.S. Energy Policy. GLRC reporter Stephanie Hemphill writes:

Americans are thinking more about energy. We're facing higher prices. There's worry about climate change, and there are questions about whether our need for foreign oil is forcing the country into wars in the Middle East. Even former oilman President Bush says we have to kick our addiction to oil, but what's the government doing about it?
Looking closer to home, The Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Growth summarizes Winter 2006-2007 Energy Appraisal as follows:
The outlook this winter suggests that energy supplies in Michigan will be adequate to meet anticipated demand. Compared to last winter natural gas prices for home heating will be 12 percent lower. Of course, weather that is colder, or warmer, than last year will affect actual monthly savings. Motorists have also seen a substantial drop in the price of gasoline due to lower crude oil prices and declines in usage over the last year.
Michigan is a leader in alternative and renewable energy efforts. On the campus of Grand Valley State University, The Michigan Alternative and Renewable Energy Center (MAREC) is
the first fully integrated demonstration facility for distributed generation of electricity using alternative and renewable energy technologies in the United States.
The Michigan Energy Demonstration Centers is
(a)n exciting group of energy demonstration centers located around the state (d)esigned to highlight energy efficient and renewable energy resources
Institutions across the state are installing alternative energy sources. According to the Traverse City Light & Power website, last Saturday a solar power system for the local community college was dedicated. They write in their press release (Sept. 27):
Northwestern Michigan College (NMC) and Traverse City Light & Power (L&P) will celebrate the opening of the largest commercial solar power system in northern Michigan on Saturday, October 7, which is "National Solar Tour Day" and the concluding day of "Public Power Week" (when more than 2,000 electric utilities who provide electricity on a not-for-profit basis are recognized).
Read THE DIRECTION OF U.S. ENERGY POLICY by The Environment Report
Visit MI Department of Labor & Economic Growth's Michigan Energy Appraisal website
Also visit MAREC (The Michigan Alternative & Renewable Energy Center)
Also visit Michigan Energy Demonstration Centers
Read L&P and NMC to Dedicate New Solar Power System Saturday, Oct. 7 by TCLP
Finally, view the results of Absolute Michigan keyword search 'energy' (type any word into that top right box: food, hiking, boat, etc.)

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Monday, October 09, 2006

Tell me it aint so, Joe

Yankees, go home. Tigers move on. It's hard not to be a sports fan right now (and believe you me, I've tried).

House of Sternberg writes:
Wait. What's that sound? Why, it's the absence of raucous applause in the Bronx. Tell me it aint so, Joe.
Absolute Michigan's Dig Michigan features a post recapping the American League Division series and includes a bunch of Tiger links.

Finally, Detroit News Photographers blog gives viewers a look "in the belly of the beast" (Tiger, that is).

Read Bye Bye by House of Sternberg
Also read Detroit Tigers vs Yankees: Playoff blogs, photos & stories by Absolute Michigan
Also Read Detroit Tigers vs. Oakland A's in the American League Championship Series by Absolute Michigan
Take a look In the belly of the beast by Detroit News Photographer, Brandy Baker

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The Truth About Cat & Dogs

(WARNING: this is a 'fluffy' post)

Now, I don't particularly like cats, but one must in order to answer this ad found by Ann Arbor is Overrated (oh, and you must also be outraged by Israeli occupation of Palestine).

I AM a dog lover and have been accused of treating my dog better than most people, but even I don't go this far. ypsi~dixit has links to three dog accoutrements that are, well, interesting to say the least. I must admit, the scooter could be useful AND fun!

Read Ann Arbor Personals by Ann Arbor is Overrated
Read Reward by ypsi~dixit

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