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Thursday, June 01, 2006

The future of health care by Jack Lessenberry's Essays and Interviews

Jack Lessenberry writes: If you step back and think about it, you have to conclude that our health care system in this country is just plain nuts.

That's true no matter what your politics or income level.

Health care experts often talk as if we are all in this together.

Read or listen to Essay: Health Savings?

Also read or listen to the companion Interview: Mark Fendrick - 6/1/06

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Goby Die Off by GLRC Environment Report

GLRC writes: Officials say a disease might be killing an invasive species of fish in Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. The GLRC's David Sommerstein reports:

Read or listen to IS GOBY DIE OFF GOOD NEWS?

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One play can change a game by Detroit Bad Boys

DBB writes: As Flip Saunders has said numerous times during the playoffs:

"One play can change a game, one game can change a series."

Ladies and gentleman, I'm proud to present "the play:"

Read One game can chage a series and check out the photos of "the play"

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First Nations Reenactment by ypsi~dixit

Y. writes: THE WATERLOO AREA FARM MUSEUM is hosting its first annual First Nations reenactment June 10 & 11. You can see French traders and Native Americans tradin' in the log cabin on the grounds, try a game of lacrosse, and see traditional-foods cooking demos.

Read First Nations Reenactment June 10 & 11

Also take a look at ypsi~dixit's photo post, which is worth at least one letter!

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Mistaken identity of crash victims by PC Mike's E-Journal

Mike Wendland writes: Two strikingly beautiful young blonde college women are involved in a horrible, fiery crash when a semitruck crosses the median and broadsides the college van they are riding in.

One dies and is buried in a small Michigan town.

The other, critically injured and swathed in bandages and casts and on a ventilator and hurt so badly she is all but unrecognizable, is being treated in another small Michigan town.

...It's a story of unspeakable grief... and amazing faith.

Read Blog chronicles mistaken identity of crash victims

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Soo Locks photo by Michigan in Pictures

michpics writes: Herbert C. Jackson, photo by Jowo

Joel Didna tells stories about the past and present with his photos and also with the words he writes about them. Some, like the above pictures of a freighter in Sault Ste. Marie or Borucki's Lakers, are about Michigan. Others, such as Life Along the Rail and Thursdays: Vietnam 1971 cross state and national borders.

Read about the Herbert C. Jackson

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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wonders of America stamp featuring Lake Superior by Dave's Blog

Dave writes: Now we need four more...or five, counting Lake St. Clair.

Read Lake Superior stamp unveiled

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blackcustardy events by The Adventures of a Brit Abroad

Matt writes about two upcoming events in the Ann Arbor area that feature his pinhole photography

Read Two upcoming blackcustardy events

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Flip Saunders in the press by Detroit Bad Boys

DBB writes: When Flip Saunders arrived to Detroit, he was hailed as a player's coach, someone who would keep the team's business in the locker room and never use a reporter's microphone as an opportunity to air his grievances with players. After two years of Larry Brown, it was a much-appreciated change.

Read Flip fires back

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Indentured servitude by Find The River

FTR writes: As I've said before (somewhere if not here), the institution of indentured servitude is re-emerging via college students' increasing dependence on student loans.

Read Pomp and Encumbrances

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License plate design competition by Red Tape Blog

Red Tape writes: If you have a good idea for a Michigan license plate, now's your chance to share it.

The Michigan Secretary of State's Office is holding a competition to come up with a new design to replace its decorative Great Lakes Splendor plate, the blue bridge in an orange sunrise featured since 1997.

Read Michigan License Plate Competition

Also read Design Michigan's Next License Plate on Absolute Michigan

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Cornered [photos] by dETROITfUNK

dfUNK records some of Detroit's corner buildings on film.

Browse through Cornered

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Artist treads on suburbia by detroit arts

detroitarts writes: Be sure to check out the metro times this week for their art coverage. The first story is on detroit artist scott hocking and his outdoor tire installation for mocad board member julie taubman.

Read tires for mocad

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hidden Dreams Farm demolition by DetroitWonk

Chris writes: The search for Teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa continues! The Hidden Dreams Farm in Milford Township has already been taken over by FBI agents searching for Hoffa's remains. Apparently a tip from a federal prisoner, Donovan Wells, was enough to warrant the complete demolition of a horse barn. The barn was taken down Thursday, and agents are now sifting through dirt under the barn's foundation.

Read Got Hoffa?

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Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument photo by Michigan in Pictures

michpics writes: At the top of this 1871 monument to Civil War veterans is "a colossal personification of Michigan as a semi-civilized Indian queen menacingly brandishing a sword with her right hand and clutching a shield with the left." (From an 1870's Michigan History.)

Read about Michigan Soldiers & Sailors Monument and view a bunch of pictures of this monument from various photographers

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Hurricane Preparedness by yspi~dixit

Y. writes: A SCHOOLGIRL'S POIGNANT DRAWING inspired a Dutch architectural firm to design one possible flood refuge: a grassy, treesy artificial hill that is also a school, right in the middle of town.

Read Newer Orleans
Also read about Hurricane Preparedness Week (May 21-27) by NOAA

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Trees and lawnmowers don't mix by GLRC Environment Report

GLRC writes: It's that time of year when the sound of lawnmowers and weed whackers fills the air. A tree expert says trees that are bumped by mowers or scraped by string trimmers can be seriously damaged or killed. The GLRC's Fred Kight has the story:


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Print ad spending surpassed by internet by PC Mike's E-Journal

Mike Wendland writes: At least that's what this UK-based report says will happen by year's end. But if so, what happens to serious, issue-oriented reporting? What happens to the traditional watchdog role played by newspapers?

Read Internet to soon beat print newspapers in ad spending

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Return of 'Star Wars' by The Royal Flush

Barry iPod Johnson writes: "Democrats and their media minions derided Ronald Reagan back in 1983 when he announced the Strategic Defense Initiative. 'Star Wars,' they called it, claiming it would never work.

Two decades later, however, U.S. defense planners are now turning to Reagan's system as the last, best line of defense against a nuclear missile strike launched by the madmen running Iran and North Korea..."

Read Reagan's SDI Deployed Against Iran, North Korea

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