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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Flygirls in Wales by Find The River

Find The River writes: From across the pond:

Wales is playing a pioneering role in ensuring the gentle splash of hook and sinker is created by a new breed of angler - female, young and from ethnic minority backgrounds.

As part of a £1m scheme by the Environment Agency to "diversify" our river banks, Muslim women and children living in the centre of Swansea have been sent on free trout fishing trips.

The aim is to encourage them into the male-dominated world of angling.

He continues: Not all Welshmen are thrilled about this

Read A New Breed Of Flygirl

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Satellite Radio Boom by PC Mike's E-Journal

Mike Wendland writes: The satellite radio craze is continuing to grow. XM Satellite announced this week that is now has a subscription base of 6.5 million - up some 68,000 since the end of 2005.

Read Satellite radio rolls on

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Whooping Crane hopefuls by GLRC Environment Report

GLRC writes: Dozens of whooping cranes are heading north this spring, as an experiment continues to develop a migrating flock of the birds in the Eastern U.S. Wildlife experts hope this'll be the year the effort will produce its first successful hatch of a crane egg. The GLRC's Chuck Quirmbach reports.

Read or listen to Experts Hopeful for Whooper Eggs

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Times Like These [podcast] by Grand Rapids Podcast

GR Podcast writes: by Jill Stevenson

Great Tune from the Podsafe Music Network!

Listen to Times Like These by Jill Stevenson (mp3)
Also listen to Sugar Sweet by Jill Stevenson (mp3)

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Ben Wallace blow-up doll by Detroit Bad Boys

Detroit Bad Boys writes: Remember when we mentioned how the Pistons don't have a lot of product endorsements? Well, fear not. Ben Wallace still may not have a shoe contract, but he does have a seven-foot tall, inflatable replica of himself for sale. Introducing the Inflatable Defender!

Read All the fun, half the bruises: the Ben Wallace blow-up doll

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

This Week on Absolute Michigan


Pedophiles we know? by Detroit Wonk

DetroitWonk writes: Anyone watching CNN? There's a kid on who claims to have been molested by a computer enthusiast in Ann Arbor, MI named "Ken Gourlay."

Coincidentally, I have a "Ken Gourlay" from Ann Arbor located in my blogroll over on the right side of the page. I'm truly hoping these two people are not one and the same.

Read Two Ken Gourlay's?
Link to the House Committe Hearing page (webcast pending)
NOTE: I happened be watching C-SPAN this morning, which I never do, and the House Committee Hearing was being rebroadcast from yesterday. Parents should watch this!
Also read New York Times article Child Sex as Internet Fare, Through Eyes of a Victim (requires registration) as well as the related articles by Kurt Eichenwald, who testifed at yesterday's House Committee Hearing
Watch CNN Video

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A most unusual item by ypsi~dixit

Y. writes: AS IF this day weren't already exciting enough, Y. is getting an early birthday present today! Her friend is picking it up at this very moment, from the Ann Arbor ReUse Center, where we spotted it last week. I made my family guess what it was, and they guessed right away, which made my jaw drop since it's the most unusual item in the tri-state area.

What's your guess?

Read Early Birthday Present (and comments) to find out if you're right

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Cross Beams [photo] by Michigan in Pictures

michpics writes: Cross Beams, photo by Ogemaniac.

The photographer, Chad Brick, says he's something of a cross between Mr Bean and Spiderman and that this photo is of "A unique angle on the Mackinac Bridge joining the two peninsulas of Michigan".

I'm believing the Spiderman thing...

Read Cross Beams and be sure to view it large!

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iChat AV demo buddies needed by PC Mike's E-Journal

Mike Wendland writes: I want to do a video on iChat and it's amazing video capabilities on the MacBook Pro. I need several iChat folks using the MacBook Pro and it’s built in iChat camera. We'll sked a conference call and I'll video tape it. Send me an e-mail with your availability and screennames and location (send to mwendland AT mac DOT com). We'll have some fun.

Read the rest of the post and check out his silly PhotoBooth image

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Keweenaw for sale? by Dave's Blog

Dave Dempsey writes: HANCOCK - While Wisconsin conservationists are breathing easier after a massive land sale Wednesday, their colleagues in the Keweenaw fear Michigan may not be as lucky.

A release from Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle's office Wednesday announced the sale of 64,633 acres in the state from International Paper to the Nature Conservancy and the state's Department of Natural Resources.

The "Wild Rivers Legacy Forest" project represents the largest land conservation effort in the state's history, according to the release, preserving 101 square miles of forest, lakes and rivers in Florence, Forest and Marinette counties in northeast Wisconsin.

Read Keweenaw National Park (unofficial) for sale...

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ARTnews articles of interest by detroitarts

detroitarts writes: Artnews has a couple really good articles in the current issue. The first story Slides and Prejudice talks about the on going debate with painters who choose to use slide projections and pictures to work with versus those who do not. Although a lot of artists work from a main image or a sketch some go as far as projecting images onto the canvas and tracing the beginning outlines.

Read pick up a copy of...

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Give peeps a chance by Stone Soup Musings

Stone Soup Musings writes: The morality police are at it again. Blogger John LaPlante, libertarian-leaning conservative at the Detroit News, brings us the latest controversy about religion and public life:

Is the Easter Bunny an offensive endorsement of Christianity?

Read Oh, Those Wascally Wabbits

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West Canfield Historic District (photos, history & renovation) by dETROITfUNK

dETROITfUNK writes: One city block between Second and Third streets. All houses are C19 built between 1870 and the 1890's. The styles range from Queen Anne to Second Empire and Gothic Revival. This area became Detroit's first historic district in 1970 and was also added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1971.

Read West Canfield District
Also read West Canfield Details

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Gotta love Rasheed by Detroit Bad Boys

Detroit Bad Boys writes: We got a little nostalgic last week reminiscing about Bill Laimbeer and the rest of the old school Bad Boys. But of the current Pistons, no player more closely embodies Laimbeer's attitude and spirit than Rasheed Wallace.

Read 100 Reasons (and more) to love Rasheed Wallace

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Monday, April 03, 2006

Michigan Foster Care System by Jack Lessenberry's Interviews and Essays

Jack Lessenberry writes: How much do you know about Natalee Holloway, the hard-partying Alabama teenager who disappeared on Aruba last year?

I'll bet it's more than you know about the 19,000 kids in Michigan's foster care system. Ten thousand of those kids are black, and I'll bet that you don't know any of them. I don't know any personally either.

Read or listen to Essay: Does Anyone Care
Also listen to companion Interview: Sharon Peters
Also read More Problems for Michigan's Foster Children by Red Tape Blog

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Thailand is well-connected by PC Mike's E-Journal

PC Mike writes: I'm back from a 10-day trip to Thailand where I was never out of e-mail or cellphone range. Whether in remote mountain villages or even riding on the back of an elephant in a jungle stream, my cell phone was getting e-mail and calls.

Read The connected world by Mike Wendland

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Springtime poem by ypsi~dixit

Y. writes:
To what purpose, April, do you return again?
Beauty is not enough.
You can no longer quiet me with the redness
Of little leaves opening stickily.

Read the entire Edna St. Vincent Millay poem entitled Spring

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Better hospital food by GLRC Environment Report

GLRC writes: Some hospitals are trying to heal the food that they serve. The GLRC's Stephanie Hemphill takes us to one hospital that's making efforts to spice up their menu.


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lifeblood #2 [photo] by there is no happy here

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