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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Remembering Flint-Beecher Tornado of June 8, 1953 by Absolute Michigan

Absolute Michigan writes: [T]massive tornado that devasted Flint's Beecher District on June 8, 1953, killing 116 people, injuring nearly 1000 and inflicting $19 million of damage ($120 million in 2003 dollars). ... The Flint-Beecher tornado was described in the Flint Journal as an "ugly, dancing black cloud with a ball of fire in it." It was rated as an F5 tornado (the strongest) on the Fujita scale.

You'll definitely want to read Remembering the Beecher Tornado and watch the video on FlintHistory.com.

Having just 'SURVIVED' 6/6/6, this tornado date and time seems even more freakish! Owosso, Michigan's Famous Tornado of the Elevens happened at 11:11pm.......11-11-11. Labeled as "[o]ne of the worst tornadoes", ...[i]t entered the southwest side of the City of Owosso, Michigan and moved northeast. A young couple died when the their house on Chipman St. tipped over." Check out the Shiawassee County History, Tornado of the Elevens website!

According to DisasterCenter.com, "Compared with other States, Michigan ranks number 20 for frequency of Tornadoes, 5 for number of deaths, 8 for injuries and 22 for cost of damages." You can also check The Disaster Center Michigan Page for other Michigan disaster links and information.

The State of Michigan has put together Tornado Safety Tips. This is helpful information to have on hand and review before a tornado strikes. You might also want to visit the FEMA Tornado information pages. In 1991, The Michigan Committee for Severe Weather Awareness was formed "to coordinate public information efforts regarding flood, tornado and winter safety." Also helpful is Freep Tech writer, Mike Wendland's blog entry this week entitledWeather sites help summer fun stay on track.

Just for fun, take a look at this Tornado Generator Photo by seantracym

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Wave photos

Michigan in Pictures has an awesome photo of a gentle, breaking Wave. michpics writes [about this photo]: Wave by Robert deJonge

Robert writes: A small rolling wave on Little Traverse Bay / Petoskey State Park. I've often wanted to capture the graceful curl of a Lake Michigan wave.

Smooth, another wave photo by Jolli Lodge Blog, shows the grace and power of Lake Michigan.

A Wave of a different sort is Wave Field, an outdoor sculpture, made of earth and sod, located on the University of Michigan campus.

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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

In her post entitled Tantre Farms - Local CSA, Kitchen Chick offers insight into her local CSA. She writes: This year, in an attempt to both reduce our food costs and increase our vegetable consumption I joined a CSA -- Tantre Farm.

"Community Supported Agriculture" (aka CSA) is a member supported farm. You pay a membership (or shareholder) fee, and in return the farm supplies you with seasonal vegetables. In some cases, members also help work the farm.

Wikipedia: Community Supported Agriculture provides a brief description and history of CSA's.

Statewide information on buyers and sellers of Michigan grown farm products and farm-based recreational opportunities is available at MIFFS Michigan's Marketline.

Michigan Food & Farming Systems-MIFFS is a non-profit organization whose purpose if to promote diverse community efforts to sustain food and agricultural systems that improve economic, ecological and social well being.

CSA Farms Michigan can help you locate CSA's in Northwest Michigan as well as provide recipes and farm stand items for sale.

But, the funniest entry we found is this Award Winning Documentary: The Real Dirt on Farmer John. The trailer is a hoot!

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Can you hear me now? by PC Mike's E-Journal

Mike Wendland writes: Having issues with your mobile phone?
Find out if you are in a dead zone. Or at least know which direction has the closest tower.
Go to www.cellreception.com and enter in your zip code and it will show you the nearest locations by provider.

Read Troubleshooting cell phone reception issues

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Tiffany [b&w photo] by there is no happy here


Michigan Cycling Podcast for the week of June 5, 2006

MCP writes [about the podcast]:
* Events
o June 23-25: Superior Bike Fest (superiorbikefest.com)
o June 25: Ride for Hope (rideforhope.org)

Check in weekly throughout the biking season for podcasts!

Listen to this week's installment of Michigan Cycling Podcast

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Native American health care services under fire by Jack Lessenberry's Essays and Interviews

Jack Lessenberry writes: The stereotype is that Michigan's Native Americans live in rural areas. But earlier this spring three Detroit area Native Americans filed a class action lawsuit against the federal government. It claims the United States has ignored its obligation to adequately provide Indians in urban areas with health care services. Michigan Radio's Jack Lessenberry spoke with Kay McGowan. She is an anthropologist with the National Urban Indian Coalition, which is headquartered near Detroit.

Listen to Interview: Kay McGowan - 6/5/06

Also read or listen to the companion Essay: No More, Forever - 6/5/06

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Campus trash to treasure by GLRC Environment Report

GLRC writes: Each spring when college students leave their dorms, they leave behind tons of unwanted furniture, rugs, and other stuff that just didn't make the cut for the trip back home. At one time, it all would've ended up in a landfill. In recent years, some universities have been sorting out the usable items and holding huge yard sales. The GLRC's Jennifer Szweda Jordan took her pocketbook and her microphone to one of those big sales:

Read or listen to A MAD DASH FOR TRASH

Read or listen to A MAD DASH FOR TRASH (short version)

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Stormin' Norman's cork bats in Corktown by Out of Bounds

Greg Eno writes: He cheated, he admitted to it, and that was that.

45 years ago, Stormin' Norman Cash assaulted the American League -- swatting 41 homers, driving in 132 runs, and batting a robust .361. His was an MVP-type year, except for those two "M" Boys in New York -- Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle.

Cash tumbled all the way down to .243 in 1962, and never again came close to his monster year of 1961. But there was a simple explanation: Norm Cash cheated.

He admitted to it, years later, the Statute of Limitations up. He had a fetish for cork in '61, and thus used his lightened bat with whiplike quickness.

Read Fitting In '61 For Cash That Tiger Stadium Located In Corktown

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Monday, June 05, 2006

Global warming program flaws by GLRC Environment Report

GLRC writes: The watchdog agency for Congress says the President's greenhouse gas reduction programs don't hold companies accountable. Four years ago, the Bush Administration unveiled its plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions. At the time critics said the voluntary programs simply wouldn't work. The GLRC's Mark Brush has more:


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Border Crossings Monitored by webcams by PC Mike's E-Journal

Mike Wendland writes: That's the plan Texas officials are considering. Gov. Rick Perry would focus Webcams on his state's most notorious illegal border crossings and ask the public to call authorities when they spot activity.

Read Watch a Web cam, spot an illegal immigrant

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mmmmm..... Ice Cream by Kitchen Chick

Kitchen Chick writes: We've been putting our ice cream maker to good use. (I'm not sure it was a "wise" purchase, but it's been fun.) We recently cranked out five flavors for a BBQ: rum ice cream, mango sorbet, chocolate, cinnamon-cayenne chocolate, and peanut butter. That was a lot of ice cream. Good thing we have a stand alone freezer.

Read Peanut Butter Ice Cream including recipe and other flavoring suggestions

Also read Fabulously Easy Mango Sorbet (including recipe)

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Say goodbye to Wilson's Barn [photo] by Michigan in Pictures

michpics writes [about this photo}: Say goodbye to the Wilsons' barn, photo by BearlyWorking.

Read about the future of this barn, and probably many others like it.

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"Whitmanesque walk" around A2 by Ann Arbor Is Overrated

AAIO writes: In the latest Observer, an intrepid writer/explorer, photographed in safari-ish clothes carrying a walking stick, describes a "Whitmanesque walk" (to which he also compares a journey of Thoreau) around the perimeter of Ann Arbor, beginning and ending at Briarwood Mall.

Read the amusing Roam If You Want to, Roam Around A2

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