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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Lost soul found at Paulding? by Find The River

Find The River writes: "At dusk, cars rumble to a stop at the end of a dirt road in Northern Michigan. The occupants step out and look to the skies. This scene could initiate an evening of Hex fishing, a star gazing excursion, or perhaps just a backwoods beer bash. But it's also a routine played out nightly at the site of the Upper Peninsula's #1 paranormal tourist attraction, the Paulding Light.

The Paulding Light appears nightly along a power line right-of-way off Robins Pond road, just south of the town of Paulding in Ontonogan county. It is a bright light resting low in the sky, coming and going throughout the night. Sometimes it appears as a very strong white disc of light, at others as a smaller, dimmer red point. Some witnesses claim it also takes on blue and green shades. Local chambers of commerce provide directions to the viewing spot, and the Forest Service lets tourists know when they've arrived."

The Ontonagon Chamber of Commerce explains: "Some think it is simply the headlights from a passing car. That explanation would be fine except “the light” was seen before automobiles were around.

Seismologists say a few earthquakes left some small cracks in the ground that let out radioactive gases. That is an interesting explanation, but unprovable.

Other scientists say it is only swamp gases. But what about when the swamps are frozen and covered with a Yooper dose of snow? The light can be seen in the winter months. The concept of aliens may seem farfetched, but so are all the other possibilities to explain the Paulding Light."

So, what is the light? You decide!

Read I Saw the Light, Pt. 1 and check back for "the rest of the story".

# posted by Tami @ 11:51 AM
I was just in the Upper Peninsula and seen an article about the "Paulding Light" in the County tourism paper. Since my family and I were staying about 35 minutes away from Paulding, we decided to go check it out. We arrived at around 10pm and it was already out. A nice man let me look into his telescope and I actually saw three white lights with littler red lights around it. I certaintly can't explain why it is there but it definately is. My husband the skeptic says there has to be a logical explanation. He may be right but one has not yet been found. I, who believe in things I can't see or explain, am just glad to have had the chance to actually see something like that. My kids thought it was way cool. If you are ever in the Paulding, MI area, it is definately worth seeing, just make sure you take mosquito spray because i would have stayed longer if I wasn't being eaten alive by the litle critters, lol.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 4:37 PM  
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