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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Tuesday, May 2 2006: Five Things You Need to Know

Oil Fires: ...consumer fury against oil companies and politicians ought to focus less on current gas prices and more on national energy policy that has set the stage for three-buck-a-gallon gas. (LSJ) New CAFE rules could save less than two weeks of gasoline a year, loopholes could undermine savings (Freep) Gas prices boosting bus, car pool ridership (Ann Arbor News) Stupak accuses congressional Republicans of helping oil companies (Detroit News)

Lessons from the Farm

The Michigan Land Use Institute's Elm Street Writers Group has an excellent piece that begins:
The Deals and the Josephs settled on the same hill. They were looking for a fertile place to drop their roots; instead they found a landscape ripped apart by lumber barons and a growing nation. Ghosts of majestic white pines, stumps of slow-growing oaks, and sand revealed by unforgiving winds made a barren home that allowed no mistakes.
We really encourage you to see how it ends...
Read Between Soil and Clouds from the MLUI

Gauging Impact of Day Without Immigrants in Michigan
The Detroit Free Press reports that along Vernor Highway, the main commercial strip for Latino-owned businesses in southwest Detroit, most of the businesses were closed. Two rallies in Detroit drew over 1,000 demonstrators, speakers emphasized the importance of unity across racial and class lines, urging the mostly Latino crowds to link with African Americans, labor groups, and Arab Americans in a movement for worker and civil rights.

Jack Lessenberry spoke with Michigan Radio's Sarah Hulett about the protests in Detroit and what the goals are. Sarah said that these folks are looking for concrete things, like clear and fair rules. She also says this is part of planned campaign to address these issues. In his essay response, he suggests: "Let's admit about 400,000 hard-working Asian or Nigerian immigrants, and let them settle in the ruins of the largely depopulated city of Detroit. I'll bet they would change its character, all right. We should be so lucky."
Read Interview: Sarah Hulett from Michigan Radio
Also check out Essay: Keep 'em All Out, Except Me!!?? from the Jack Lessenberry blog
Read Immigrants' message: Justice for all in the Freep
Read Immigration rallies in West Michigan at WZZM-13

Get Fit in the Mitt!

The LSJ reports that Senate Republicans have proposed the Michigan Outdoor Fitness Award, an award program designed to encourage Michigan residents, particularly women and young people, to take up hiking, canoeing, hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities. "We need to get kids off the couch and off the computer to experience the outdoors," said Patricia Birkholz, R-Saugatuck. The idea is receiving support from Democrats and outdoor sporting groups, including the Michigan United Conservation Clubs.
Read Bill urges getting fit outdoors in the Lansing State Journal

Red Wings Grounded
The Detroit Red Wings were unceremoniously tossed from the playoffs by the Edmonton Oilers last night, falling 4-3 in last night's Game 6. Wings captain Steve Yzerman is expected to announce his retirement this week. I feel for the Red Wings fans this morning.
Read IT'S OVER! in the Detroit News
Read THE BITTER END: Wings blow lead, waste great regular season in the Freep

New Company Looks to Fix Michigan Manufacturers
The Detroit Free Press takes a look at serial entrepreneur John Psarouthakis, who has formed JP-Management Consulting, a company designed to help fix and grow midsize Michigan and other Midwest manufacturing companies before they shut down or wind up in Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
Read TOM WALSH: Michigan entrepreneur seeks fixes, growth for businesses in the Freep
JP-Management Consulting web site

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