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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

May Day means different things to different people by ypsi~dixit

ypsi~dixit writes: "A colleague where I work sent a message all around the building to invite only those who believe in the "power of prayer" to a session of praying in the conference room. The first of May, the colleague has advertised, is "Prayer Day."

"In many places around the world, Europe in particular, today is "Workers' Day." This celebration seems to be a carryover from the good old days of communism. Remember those tanks and goosesteppers in Moscow's Red Square? I knew a drunken, loudmouthed, commie-hater from Arkansas when I was in the army who ended up, though unable to swim, drowned in the Nekar River. Rumor claimed that Donald had railed once too loud against The Red Menace and that the evening swim was against his will.


# posted by Tami @ 9:17 AM
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