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Monday, May 01, 2006

Monday, May 1, 2006: Five Things You Need to Know

So hot the ice will melt: Red Wings have talent, need fire (Yzerman's career CAN'T end in a Game 6, round 1 loss ... can it?). Department of Obvious Sub-Headings: Game 3 blowout means Detroit can't sweep (in related news, April shower means ground is wet). Matt Millen can't win: Rob Parker writes "Leinart could have been the Lions' answer. Instead, fans are left with the worst draft day since Harrington was selected." (after 3 years of reaching for the glamour pick, Matt "Fire" Millen passes). Head of the class: Tigers outscore Twins 33-1, most lopsided three-game series in the majors in years (great way to cap winningest April since '84).

Why Not Shoot for the Moon with Energy Plans?
Detroit News columnist Daniel Howes writes that although the restructuring of the auto industry is fraught with pain, Michigan and its broadening automotive R&D base has a golden opportunity to remain the intellectual heart of an industry poised to remake itself for a global era. He talks with Subrata Sengupta, dean of the University of Michigan-Dearborn's College of Engineering and Computer Science who says that if the federal government were to committ $10 billion a year over 10 years, enrollment in science and technology programs would skyrocket; new high-tech jobs would be created; oil prices would drop on fears that the Americans would succeed.
Read Michigan needs shoot-for-the-moon plan for new energy in the Detroit News
Visit the Apollo Alliance to see how this might work

Macomb County Falcon Cam!

Peregrine Falcon by Derek Bakken

Last Friday the Detroit News had a cool feature on Horus and Hathor, a pair of peregrine falcons who've been nesting high atop the Macomb County Building in Mount Clemens and are featured on a webcam. According to the Falcon Cam site, the falcons' four eggs should be hatching around the 4th, 5th or 6th of May. One hatched last year, but the chick was hit by a car.

The site explains that "Hathor spends much of her time incubating the eggs while Horus keeps watch and hunts. In the Peregrine world, males also do nest duty - called "nest relief" - when the male incubates and the female stretches her wings to prevent atrophy. Horus has been observed at this task for longer periods of time this year - a sign of maturity and experience."
Read Falcons lucky enough to get own Webcam in the Detroit News (has some links to other webcams in the Detroit area)
Peregrine Falcon Cam from Macomb County
Peregrine Falcon entry in Wikipedia

Granholm, DeVos Take the Stage in Detroit

Gov. Jennifer Granholm and Republican challenger Dick DeVos face-to-face for the first time Friday in a debate at Cobo Center. While most of their talk appeared inconsequential (state IDs, auto insurance, gas tax) there was apparently some discussion of econmic platforms. Granholm touted the "most complete and detailed economic plan of any state in the country, one that will create the next Michigan" while DeVos worked on the theme that Michigan is in a "one-state" recession.
Read Granholm, DeVos tout economic plans from mLive
Read DeVos, Granholm fire early salvos in the Freep

Intentional Community in Northern Michigan
The Detroit Free Press has an interesting feature on Telford Farm, one of just a few intentional communities in Michigan. Residents of the 90-acre community own their own homes, but hold the remaining 80 acres, some old farm buildings and a seven-acre vineyard collectively as an LLC. The group's mission statement says something about how they hope to live:
We are a self-governing, diverse community guided by the ideals of self-reliance, cooperation, participation, creativity and sustainability which will help us preserve the environmental, historical and rural integrity of the Telford Farm.
The article provides a thought-provoking look at a thoughtful process and is well worth a read.
Read A utopian way of life in the Freep
Also see In a healthy vineyard, good grapes for wine benefit all in the Freep

Michigan Foreclosures Climb Sharply in March
MITECHNEWS.COM reports that Michigan is one of the five states with the highest foreclosure rates and that Michigan's rate grew by about 1/3 in March. The state has nearly 9000 homes currently in foreclosure and almost 15,000 more in bankruptcy proceedings. We're linking to a map below from foreclosure.com - we thought it interesting and that the ability to look at the data on a county by county basis was very useful. We don't endorse the site or their services.
Read Michigan One Of Leading States For Home Foreclosures from MITECHNEWS.COM
Also see Home foreclosures on the rise from ABC-12 Flint/Bay City/Saginaw
Interactive map showing foreclosed homes

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