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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tiger Economics

Jack Lessenberry talks about the economic impact the Tigers do (and don't) have on Detroit. He writes:
Well, the Tigers built a good team at last, and they came. They sold more than half a million more tickets than last year. Some of those fans came from Grand Rapids and Flint and Paw Paw and even Escanaba. And some stayed around and bought stuff, had dinner in Greektown or at one of the restaurants on Woodward Avenue not far from the stadium.

Was that enough to spark a major economic revival? Of course not. Let's imagine that the Detroit Tigers win the World Series the next five years in a row, and the Detroit Red Wings win hockey's Stanley Cup each of those years.
In the companion interview, Jack spoke with Daniel Howes who writes about business for the Detroit News. Jack writes:
Against all odds, the Detroit Tigers are in the baseball playoffs -- even though they may have been disappointing in the last days if the season. But what has their unexpected rise meant to the city’s economy? And how much could it be worth if they go all the way?
Here's the perspective of a season ticket holder, South of 8 Mile. He writes:
About half way through the game I got a phone call from a neighbor, asking if I was home. The neighbor informed me that there were several gunshots on our street, right in front of our houses. I inquired whether it could have been fireworks, but she felt it was definitely gun shots. She called 911 and the DPD was there within about 5 minutes, took a report, then took a report from another neighbor as well.

...This morning I got a call that kind of caught me by surprise. It was from an Associated Press reporter. Seems a friend passed word along that I would be a good person to interview. The reporter wanted to know what life was like "South of 8 Mile," well.....sorta. Actually, he wanted to talk to me because I lived in Detroit, had Tigers season tickets, postseaston tickets, wished to hear what my perspective was on things, and how the Tigers had impacted the city this year. Towards the end he asked what my take was after last night's game.
Read or listen to Essay: Paper Tigers - 10/4/06 by Jack Lessenberry
Also listen to the companion Interview: Daniel Howes - 10/4/06 by Jack Lessenberry
Read Detroit Tigers playoffs: Game 1 by South of 8 Mile *

* Contains Adult Language

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