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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Five Things You Need to Know for Tuesday, February 22, 2005

We bid a sad farewell to Luke Walton's Forehead (which has to be one of the best blog names ever). Somehow "The Sports Dude Sports Scene in the......." just doesn't evoke the same passions.

Not the Kind of Record You Want to Break
The Detroit News reports that personal bankruptcy rates in Michigan rose to an all-time high last year with over 63,700 Michigan residents filing for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 protection. The figure was a 2.3% increase from 2003 and 38% higher than 2001.

Democrats Propose Nation's Highest Waste Dumping Charge
Michigan House Democrats announced a sweeping plan Monday to reduce the flow of trash into Michigan from Canada and elsewhere. The Detroit Free Press reported that Michigan's low dumping charge is a big reason the state is the No. 3 importer of trash in the United States, behind only Pennsylvania and Virginia. The Democrats plan includes raising the dumping fee from 21 cents per ton to $7.50 (would be the nation's highest dumping charge), revoking certification for a year if out-of-state jurisdictions send banned and dangerous items to Michigan landfills, strengthening enforcement and banning landfill expansions until 2010.
Read House Dems to propose $7.50 to dump ton of trash in the Freep

Soup's On!
Lansing Noise has a five-part feature that has some great recipes for soups to warm you up from Lansing area restaurants. Soups include Black Bean, Chicken Corn Chowder, Tomato Tarragon, Potato Bacon Cheddar Ale and Veggie Gumbo.

Challenges for African American Scientists
Today's Michigan Daily has an interesting feature on how black scientists must still struggle to succeed in fields where personal connections and politics can have as great an impact as skill. The article includes profiles of past and present day scientists.

Fewer Elections, More Voters?
The Detroit Free Press reports that voters in 28 Michigan counties will cast ballots today in the first of just four elections this year. Michigan's new election consolidation law limits the number of annual elections four: the fourth Tuesday in February and the first Tuesday after the first Monday in May, August and November. The hope is that fewer elections will bring more voters to the polls.
Read Secretary Land reminds voters of Feb. 22 election in certain counties from the Michigan.gov Newswire

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