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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Five Things You Need to Know for Tuesday, February 8, 2005

If there's a more gut-wrenching feeling than when your car goes into an uncontrolled slide on an icy road, I'd prefer not to experience that either.

Michigan's Future Starts Today
The State News (MSU) reports that Gov. Jennifer Granholm's third State of the State address tonight will focus on plans to improve the economic climate, increase job growth and diversify the economy. Also expected is a proposal to eliminate the $2,500 payment students receive for high MEAP performance and replace it with a grant of $4,000 for students who complete two years of college.

2006 Federal Budget May Be Bad News for Michigan
The Detroit News reports that the 2006 Federal Budget proposed by president Bush may mean even more cuts in education, health care, housing and community programs. Although overall Federal revenues would rise 3%, most of them (like Medicare) have costs that are increasing much more. Add to this a projected state budget shortfall of $700 million, and this does not look like good news.

Michigan Mountain Bikers Work for Better Trails
The Detroit Free Press has a feature looking at how the Michigan Mountain Biking Association is working to extend and maintain the state's trail network.

Where Michigan Gets Road Salt
From the "Bet You Didn't Know This" files (and the Great Lakes Radio Consortium) is a fascinating story about a salt mine that extends about four miles under Lake Erie (accessed from the northern edge of Cleveland).
Transcript of Exploring a Great Lakes Salt Mine from the GLRC

Michigan Must Diversify & Educate
Free Press columnist Tom Walsh has a thought-provoking piece arguing that Michigan needs to both diversify its economy and focus on higher education. He cites US Census data that shows Michigan ranks 40th out of 50 states in the percentage of adults with a college degree.

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