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Monday, November 27, 2006

Holiday Traditions, old and new

Holiday Traditions vary from by home, locale, ethnicity and faith. Here are some to which our Michigan bloggers subscribe:

Find The River makes a list of things he's thankful for, including:
1. Kristine

2. Continued good health (and the insurance to help it continue)

3. Steady work that involves minimal supervision and considerable freedom as to how I manage my time

4. A roof over my head
Kitchen Chick writes about her Thanksgiving feast traditions.
Thanksgiving Dinner is a holiday day layered with traditions. A ritualistic holiday celebrating family and food. We have foods on our Thankgiving Day menu that simply don't change.
Bike Blog Detroit writes about the Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Whilst it was nowhere near as cold as last year (check the Nov 2005 archive), this year's Thanksgiving made up for it with a spot of dense mist. I arrived late having spent time at the RenCen and with a slightly shortened route the sidewalks were already completely packed. I finally managed to find a spot by Woodward and Congress, but only after getting the usual 'you can't stand here, move along' in a few other places.
Check out his photo collection of the parade.

The Voices in Frank's Head told him to take the day off on Friday.
I, therefore, convened a special meeting of the entire board of directors for Prince Igor Productions, Incorporated. We decided to close the office for the day so I could spend the day taking pictures and having fun.
And he did photograph everything from the foggy Detroit River to the Festival of Trees. As did dETROITfUNK who writes:
Day after Thanksgiving in the USA means "black friday", i.e. - go rack up some debt on your credit cards.

Meanwhile it was an unusually foggy morning, which adds a strange twist to all the old favorites.
Check out some sights of the holidays in his Black Friday post.

Finally, LJ's Blogorific reminds us to
keep in mind those who celebrate Thanksgiving this year in a far away place, serving their country. And for those who will be honoring the memory of loved ones lost this Thanksgiving, remember that hope is on the way. The sacrifice of your loved ones will not be forgotten.
The photo above, that captures the Candelight Walk at Frankenmuth, is from the Absolute Michigan Pool on Flickr. Click on the photo to read more...

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What are some of your traditions?

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