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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Wednesday, May 17, 2006: Five Things You Need to Know

Michigan History Magazine says that rumors of a great river to the west intrigued Jesuit Jacques Marquette, explorer Louis Jolliet and five other men. They left St. Ignace by canoe on May 17, 1673, paddling along the northern shore of Lake Michigan and then across present-day Wisconsin, the Frenchmen reached the Mississippi River in one month.

The Time is Ripe for Investing in Alternative Energy

MITECHNEWS.COM reports that a panel of experts at the University of Michigan Growth Capital Symposium agreed that the environment for investing in alternative energy companies is the best it has been in a decade. They tagged not only ethanol, biodiesel wind and solar companies but also businesses that make high-tech controllers to make the energy gathering process more efficient.

Chairman and CEO of Konarka Technologies Howard Berke said: "Michigan has an industrial base and a very knowledgeable industrial workforce ideally suited for alterative energy development." He suggests that to foster alternative energy development, the federal government needs to step up in a big way, the way the German government has done, and provide subsidies to help the transition from generating electricity via petroleum or coal to production by alternative energy means.
Read Alternative Energy Investment Environment Best In A Decade from MITECHNEWS.COM
Michigan Growth Capital Symposium web site

Michigan's Best & Brightest Students
The Detroit News has announced their "Best and the Brightest of 2006", honoring some of Michigan's top graduating high school students at public and private schools from throughout the state in categories that include: Against All Odds (success in the face of challenges), Athletics and Health, Journalism and Language Arts, Mathematics and Science, Performing and Visual Arts and Vocational-Technical and World Studies.

For something fun, we're going to ask anyone who has a Michigan senior to recognize to post a comment below!
Read The Best and the Brightest of 2006 in the Detroit News

2006 Michigan Tech Tour

Matt Roush of GLITR

The Great Lakes IT Report has the complete 2006 Tech Tour available on their brand-new and improved web site. The report on the eight day tour of Michigan's technology movers and shakers features mini-articles and photos and [selfpromotion]a visit from Matt Roush to the offices of Leelanau.com and Absolute Michigan[/selfpromotion].
Check out the 2006 Tech Tour from the Great Lakes IT Report

Freep Lansing Bureau Chief on the 2006 Campaign
Michigan Radio's Jack Lessenberry talks with Detroit Free Press Lansing bureau chief Chris Christoff about how the Michigan gubernatorial race is shaping up. Christoff says he has no doubt that this will be the most expensive campaign for governor in Michigan history as DeVos's funds appear unlimited and Granholm spent more than any candidate in history last time around.
Read/Listen to Interview: Chris Christoff from Michigan Radio
Also see Essay: Running in Place

Meijer Offers $1 Million for Trail Completion
The Detroit Free Press reports that although retail magnate Fred Meijer recently pledged $1 million toward the completion of White Pine Trail State Park, Michigan officials turned him down. Meijer's offer was rejected because it hinged on adding his name to the 92-mile hiking and bicycling trail built on a former rail bed.

Jim Wood, administrator of the Michigan Natural Resource Trust Fund said "It's really a matter of fairness. The public has made substantial investments in these sites, and there should be some recognition of that public benefit."
Read Not for a million bucks: Michigan officials reject Meijer gift in the Freep
White Pine Trail web site

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