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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thursday, April 13, 2006: Five Things You Need to Know

Talking tough: Stabenow: Michigan should not compete down, Leyland wants Tigers to be "Sultans of Swagger, High gas prices affecting Michigan's billion dollar tourist industry.

Wings Win President's Trophy, Legace Wants the Big Mug

View this Red Wings photo by McPhloyd

re: Sports Snobbery
A couple people pointed out yesterday that we totally ignored Manny Legace's brilliant 29 save performance as the Red Wing's downed the Oilers 2-0 and clinched the President's Trophy Tuesday night. The President's Trophy is the award for the best overall record in the NHL and was the Wing's fifth in 11 seasons. Legace said "It's been a good year for our team, but the big silver mug, weighs about 38 pounds, that's the key one. That's the ultimate goal. Presidents' trophies are nice, but the ultimate goal is the big mug."

Read DETROIT 2, EDMONTON 0: The clincher in the Freep
Also see Wings 2, Oilers 0 from On the Wings
Presidents' Trophy from the National Hockey League

Michigan Explores Fuel Cell Technology

The Detroit Free Press looks at fuel cell technology, the Holy Grail for alternative energy research, in the latest in their "Alternative Power" series (should have linked it yesterday but there was just too much "new energy economy news"!!). Fuel cells, similar to batteries, use stored fuels and an oxidant to produce power. Most are powered by hydrogen, which can be generated within the fuel cell system by reforming hydrogen-rich fuels such as methanol, ethanol and hydrocarbon fuels. GM, Ford and Chrysler are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to make hydrogen fuel cells commercially viable and cost competitive with the internal combustion engine. The article also looks at how fuel cell research is having an increasing impact on Michigan's economy.

Read ALTERNATIVE POWER: Fuel cell generation in the Freep

Ann Arbor, Lansing/East Lansing Top Knowledge Industry Locations

The LSJ reports that Expansion Management magazine has selected Ann Arbor (#3 overall) and Lansing-East Lansing metropolitan areas in their top 71 "Five-Star Knowledge Worker Metros," based on education levels, higher education facilities, and science and engineering activity. Expansion Management targets executives of companies actively looking to expand or relocate their facilities.

Read Area gets 'top-hub' rating in the Lansing State Journal
Also see Expansion Management Magazine Publishes its 4th Annual KNOWLEDGE WORKER QUOTIENT Ranking of 362 Metro Areas

Benzie's Big Willy Branch

Anne Stanton of the Northern Express has written a great feature that unlocks the disturbing tale of Willy Branch. John Daughtery, Branch's former attorney said "I always used to say there were four utilities in Benzie County: water, electric, heat, and Willy Branch. Willy supplied the migrant labor for this area. He housed them, fed them, he did it all." Some also say Branch was a sort of slave master in Benzie County in the 60s and 70s, and Anne has done an excellent job of weaving together a bit of forgotten history.

Read The Legend of Willy Branch in the Northern Express

Fund Receives over 500 Proposals

MITECHNEWS.COM reports that more than 500 eligible proposals are now competing for up to $100 million in start-up funding that will be awarded this summer by Michigan's 21st Century Jobs Fund. The Fund supports state commercialization, capital investment, and commercial lending efforts to help convert research efforts into products and services that can succeed in the marketplace. The initiative targets life sciences, alternative energy, homeland security/defense and advanced automotive, manufacturing and materials.

Read 505 Proposals Compete For Share of $100 Million 21st Century Jobs Fund from MITECHNEWS.COM

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